(Psalms 46:10 MKJV) Be still, and know that I am God! I will be praised among the nations, I will be praised in the earth.

(Psalms 46:11 MKJV) Jehovah of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

I was listening to the Brian Courtney Wilson song– Still. It reminded me of how often in life we face challenges, situations, and problems. Our first reaction is to somehow some way resolve them ourselves. Often our efforts to resolve them only make matters worse. It’s only human for us to react in such a manner. However in Brian Courtney Wilson’s song he declares that this time unlike the times before he’s going to be still and wait on God. As Christians the first thing we should always do when facing life’s challenges, situations, and problems is Pray. Actually the first thing we should do when we start our day is to Pray. In our daily prayer time we should seek God’s guidance for the day and we should also ask that he prepare us for the challenges of the day.

When seek God’s guidance for the day should challenges, situations, and problems arise during the course of the day. We know to pause and look to him for whatever steps if any we should take. When we apply our scripture text to our lives we are informed to Be Still and know that God is God. He is God over any challenge, situation, or problem we face in life. There is nothing that we face on any given day that catches him by surprise. The follow up verse informs us that God is with us and that he is our refuge. No matter what we face in life we are never alone, sometimes we may feel that we are alone but the fact is God is always with us. People often ask the question. Where was God when this happened or that happened? The answer God was there. God chooses when or if he will intervene in any situation.

God created a perfect world a world free of challenges, situations, and problems. When Adam sinned that opened the door for sin and satan to run rampant throughout all of creation. It’s because of sin we face challenges, situations, and problems. Sometimes it’s because of our personal sin other times it’s because we live in a sin sick and sinful world. No matter what the case may be God can and will deliver us in accordance to his will and his word. If you are currently facing challenges, situations, or problems as a result of something you did. If sin is involved repent and ask God for forgiveness. He loves and cares for you and wants you to get the most out of this life. No matter what you are facing it could be health issues, financial matters, relationship problems, or problems with friends or family. Sometimes the best thing is to do nothing and Be Still. Whatever it is turn it over to God let him work it out. Things may not turn out they way you planned it or the way you wanted them to. If you truly turn it over to God the end result is going to be what’s best and somewhere as you continue this journey of life you’ll realize that God’s solution was the Best one. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.


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