Born to Worship Born to Serve

(Jeremiah 1:5 MKJV) Before I formed you in the belly I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I consecrated you, and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.

I was born around 11:00 on a Sunday Morning in Saint Louis, Mo. Just in time for Sunday Service. Being a Preacher’s Kid born on a Sunday Morning there was no question which path my life would take. Growing up my life was church, church, and then more church especially on Sundays. Even though my Dad was not the pastor he kept us in church pretty much every time the church doors were open. As a child growing up I was somewhat resentful because unlike my friends who did some of their most serious playing on Sundays. When we were allowed to play we had to be careful not to mess up our “Sunday Go To Meeting Clothes” especially when there was another service to go to.

People noticed that there was a calling on my life at an early age because the Pastor of the church nick name for me was “Preacher”. In some regards it was a burden because I really couldn’t be as bad as some of the other kids because adults looked at me with such high regard. Even as a growing child I recognized this. My dad drilled the Bible and what it meant to be a Baptist not alone a Christian in us so much so that God answered a prayer of mine that I never prayed. My one and only son he is also my youngest was 21 when I accepted my call to ministry. I never wanted my children to go through what we went through growing up. My dad Pastored years before he met my mom and married. It was a special experience for my family when visiting the city he used to pastor in we stopped by the church and saw his name on the cornerstone. He never pastored again he was always either an assistant or associate pastor for the rest of his life. He was however a Bible Scholar it was nothing for us to come home from school or later on after we were grown and married. It was not unusual for us to find one of the leading pastor’s of the city sitting the living room talking with my dad about the Bible.

All that being said church always was a major part of my life because of my Dad. Like it or not I was always active in church. I was a Junior Usher, choir member, choir director, musician, church and more importantly ministry always has and still is a major part of my life. I’ve been a religious announcer for 47 years, I’ve produced and promoted Billboard charting projects and authored 5 Faith Based books to date. What I somewhat rejected as a child as I grew older I embraced. The fact that there was a calling on my life also brought challenges. I was born with what the doctors called a nervous stomach. I had fainting spells into my teens, at 16 I was diagnosed with an ulcer some kids made fun of me because I had to take liquid antacid during school. I’ve dealt with health issues all of my life. My healthiest years were the 8 years I spent in the Recording Industry primarily producing and promoting Christian Music. I had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years then God healed me of it. During the toughest times of my life something my Dad said stuck with me he always said that our savior promised all of us who know him as savior and Lord that he would “never leave us nor forsake us”.

Currently I’m still on the air Sunday Mornings 5-7AM EST I produce Family and Faith Based programming on if you have a company or business and would like to be one of our sponsors email me and we’ll send you a brochure email

Finally, I’d like to cover two areas Serving and Giving. My parents taught us to serve my Dad often said we serve God by serving our fellow man. We were taught to help when chairs needed to be put up at church we were told to help. If someone was sweeping up we were told to go help. The notion of us helping out extended beyond church it extended to school, the neighborhood, as well as to friends and family. My children are helpers and I’m proud of that fact. It’s sad to say that often these days even in our churches people don’t have the desire to help. I’ve seen where after services people socialize for a few minutes and leave the cleaning up of the church to the pastor and his wife. In larger churches where someone is paid to cleanup people leave the church a mess. I’ve seen where someone was about to cleanup and they were told don’t worry about that’s we pay to have a janitor to cleanup. Wouldn’t it be nice for people to realize that the janitor would like to get home to their family ASAP especially after a long service? Wouldn’t that be the Christian thing to do? To Help?

Giving, we were taught to give and not just in church. We were taught to give period!!!! My mom was an extreme giver she gave to almost every ministry she listened to or watched on the TV. She gave to charities like the March of Dimes. She gave so much that there were times where my Dad got on her for giving so much!!! However, when you give you get!!! My mom was like a part time companion for this lady who was a widow and well off. When she passed she left my mom 50K in her will. I believe in giving last year as a way of giving thanks for another anniversary of life I gave to three different ministries within 24 hours I received a 4 digit blessing. God has blessed me so much and I’m ever so Thankful. Even though I still have health issues. I’m waiting and believing that God will not only heal and restore me but he’ll Build Me Back Better. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.


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