From Sadness to Gladness

(Psalms 30:11 MKJV) You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have torn off my sackcloth, and have clothed me with gladness.

Life can be trying, life can be tough, life can bring us times and moments of sadness. When we face loss in life we often enter a season of grief a season of mourning. Loss comes in various forms there is the loss of life when friends or loved ones pass from this life to the next. There can be a loss of health when our bodies experience sickness, suffering and pain. There can be loss of relationships via divorce, breakups, or friendships that fall apart. We can lose our job or our car, or our home. No matter what the loss usually there is a period of grief or mourning that usually follows.

To what extent or how long we grieve or mourn often depends on the type of loss. When friends or loved ones leave this earth it can be devastating the grief can last for months even years. However, when we allow God through his Holy Spirit to bring comfort to us our sadness can and will be turned to gladness. It may not happen suddenly but over time as the spirit heals us our mourning can be changed into dancing. There are times when we have loss in relationships they can be a friendship maybe a marriage even a break up with someone that we hoped to marry one day. Breakups can usher in a season of mourning a season of grief. Sometimes the pain from a breakup can be just as devastating as the pain we experience when a friend or loved one leaves this earth.

The thing I like about our scripture text it’s past tense the Psalmist does not say that God can or will turn his mourning into dancing. He notes that God has turned their mourning into dancing. No matter who you are or where you are. No matter what your situation may be God can and will turn it around if you put your Faith and Trust in him. He loves you so, so, much his desire is to turn your mourning into dancing. (Job 33:26 MKJV) he shall pray to God, and He will be gracious to him; and he shall see His face with joy, for He will restore to man his righteousness. God wants to restore that which has been lost. He wants to exchange your sadness for gladness he wants to turn your mourning into dancing. Look to him even now he is more than able to put a smile on your face gladness in your heart and dancing in your feet. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.


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