Sweet Hour of Prayer

(Luke 18:1)  Then Yeshua told them a parable to show that they should always pray and not be discouraged,

One of the standard hymns of the church sung by people all over the world is Sweet Hour of Prayer. “William Walford, a blind preacher, wrote the words to “Sweet Hour of Prayer” in 1845. The words didn’t become well known for another sixteen years; in 1861, William Bradbury—known today for his many collaborations with Fanny Crosby—wrote the melody we sing today. The song made its first appearance in the 1861 hymnal Golden Chain.” (https://danielmount.com/archives/forgotten-verses-sweet-hour-of-prayer/)

I find it amazing that a person who was blind wrote such an awesome song one that has stood the test of time. It has probably been sung millions upon millions of times throughout the world. No matter what we face in life we can always pray!!! God loves us so much and even though at times in a cold, heartless, sinful world it may feel that God is millions of miles away. However, he is always right there with us to hear and answer our prayers. I love the Tree of Life version of our text it reminds us that we should always pray and not be discouraged.

Life can be so trying at times as we face one problem or situation that may occur. No matter what we face in life we can always pray we can always talk to the Father who loves us so much that he sent his only begotten son into this world to die for you and I. His death, burial, and resurrection gives us unlimited access to our Father. No matter what you are facing or going through the one thing you can do the most important thing you can do is PRAY!!! I often ask the Father to teach me to pray through his Holy Spirit help me to better communicate with him. God is awesome, loving, caring, and almighty. He loves you and he only wants what’s best for you no matter what you are facing remember to always pray. Don’t just pray when times are bad always pray because God always wants to here from you he’s our Father, our Creator, our Friend be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.




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