When God Says Stay Home!!!

(Exo 12:22) And you shall take a bunch of hyssop and dip in the blood in the bowl, and strike the lintel and the doorposts with the blood in the bowl. And none of you shall go out of the door of his house until the morning.
I have not posted anything in a while during the time from my last post until now a lot has gone on in the world. Currently the coronavirus has virtually brought the entire globe to a standstill. On the 21st of this month I was blessed to see and experience my 66th anniversary of life. In all of my years I have never seen anything like this. There are those older than myself who say the same. So, what is going on why has God allowed this to happen I look online and even well-known men of God have been taken away as a result of this virus. People around the globe are encouraged to stay home.

No matter what goes on or happens in this life we can always look to God’s word for direction and guidance. In the scripture text above we find that God’s people were given instructions as to what they should do because the death angel is about to pass through the land. The interesting thing about this is anyone outside when the death angel comes they would die along with all of the first born of Egypt. God’s instructions involve taking hyssop and dipping it in blood then striking the doorposts of their homes with this mixture. Now what is interesting about this mixture is that hyssop was commonly used to cleanse and the blood represents cleansing also in that it represents the cleansing and forgiveness of sin. I did some research and “some of the many benefits of hyssop tea include its impact on blood pressure, respiratory health, intestinal parasites, the immune system, and menstrual cramps, among others” https://www.organicfacts.net/hyssop-tea.html As medical professionals search for a cure for coronavirus maybe God has already provided one.

In our text God is preparing his people for their deliverance from their bondage in Egypt they had been slaves for 430 years. God has given instructions to his people not to go outside to strike their doorposts with hyssop and blood as the death angel is about to pass through the land. From that time until this day this event is remembered and referred to as The Passover. Next Wednesday April 8th is this year’s observance of The Passover. God has allowed this virus to spread on a global basis. Maybe he wants us to stay home because he wants to have rule and rein over our lives in our homes especially. Maybe that is the reason why churches have been closed because God is requiring more than a Sunday only relationship with his people. Rest assure there is something going on just as in our text God was preparing his people for their freedom from Egyptian bondage. Today he is preparing his people and the entire world for something stay tuned. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.


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