Don’t Say a Word!!!!!

(Gen 24:50) And Laban and Bethuel answered and said, The thing has come forth from Jehovah. We cannot speak to you bad or good.
We all can be very opinionated at times myself included. Whenever we hear news of tragedies, the situations that people may find themselves in, untimely deaths etc. There is the need to comment. However sometimes it’s best not to say a word. Sometimes the best thing to do is to say nothing. Often in our flesh we respond with an opinion whether good or bad that really is not accurate. There are times when the hand of God is clearly shown in a situation and the best comment that we can make is to not comment at all.

Natural disasters occur and sometimes people say that they are a sign of God’s judgment when in fact that may not be the case. Some disasters may actually be due to global warming or other effects that are caused by the negligence of mankind. Then why some are allowed to live long and full lives while others may leave this life all too early. It can be baffling at times however we must always remember that God is sovereign in all things. Scripture reminds us (2Pe 3:9) The Lord is not slow concerning His promise, as some count slowness, but is long-suffering toward us, not purposing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. It may be that God leaves some here in order to give them time to repent. While in the case of those who are saved he takes them home to be with him.

Sickness, suffering, and pain are all part of this life and this world. The best thing we can do for those that are going through the troubles and trials of this life is to pray. Our opinions and comments can be so off base and often are. God is God and not us sometimes he alone really knows why someone is facing certain trials and tribulations. On the opposite side when people are successful or blessed we should not envy them we should celebrate with them in their success. Envy and coveting is sinful and hinders our own blessings. I encourage you to read the entire story that our text is taken from while it is different from what we have been writing about here. The premise that God is sovereign and when it comes to his will we can say neither good or bad is the same. So the next time you hear about something happening whether good or bad think before you speak. The best comment may be no comment at all Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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