The Sermon of Your Life

(Rev 14:13) And I heard a voice from Heaven saying to me, Write, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they shall rest from their labors, and their works follow them.


Tomorrow is promised to no one that is why it is so important what we do with today. Each day that we are blessed with Life, Health, and Strength is an awesome Gift from God!!!! Each day we are drawing one day nearer to our own personal end in this life as well as the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So my question to you. What are you doing with your day? Every day is another chance for you to get things right, to start afresh, it is also another opportunity for you to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Recently a dear cousin of my made his transition from labor to reward. Just like another mutual cousin of ours who transitioned almost two years ago he was very helpful to those in need. Both of their lives were testaments of those who went about doing good. When I heard that the one who transitioned recently was in hospice. I remembered a statement that he made to my dad years ago. He informed him that the one thing he had to do before he left this earth was to Preach the Gospel. He never became a quote unquote preacher or minister. However, his life was an awesome sermon in and of itself.

Often in life we get so caught up in stuff.  The stuff of life will sometimes get you off focus. You may forget what really is important. Our scripture text lets us know that it does matter what we’ve done while we’re here. How many homes you have, how much wealth you’ve accumulated, how many cars, yachts, planes, memberships to important clubs or organizations. None of that means anything when this life is over. Your accomplishments be they great or small none of them will count once you leave here. What will be paramount and most important.  Is your name written down in The Lamb’s Book of Life? Was Jesus Christ Savior and Lord of your life? Secondly how did you treat others? What you’ve done for others will follow you in the life to come.

The kind words that you shared, lending a helping hand to a stranger, anonymous gifts and deeds. Spending your day off helping a neighbor, taking time to listen to someone who is in trouble or has problems. Going over to the church and helping out when everyone else had excuses and were too busy. Putting others first while personally going without. The good deeds the selfless ones that is what will follow you after this life is over. Currently we have an individual running for president who promises to “Make America Great Again” Americas Greatness, doesn’t come via Military Strength and Might. Nor does it come from numerous amounts of citizens who have amassed Great Wealth.

America’s Greatness and even your own personal Greatness comes via the acts of Caring, Sharing, Putting others first and random acts of kindness. My departed cousins lived those attributes out in their daily lives. Their lives were sermons of putting others first, taking care of their families and helping countless others along the way. I’ve often said should The Lord Ever Bless me with millions I don’t need some fabulous mansion or six figure cars. Should I ever be blessed with wealth at least 50% if not more will be going out to ministries and organizations that help others. So what are you doing today? What type of Sermon is your life Teaching and Preaching? Can others count on you or do you count on others?  You can change things up right now today. First and Foremost, make sure that Jesus Christ is Lord of your Life. Then follow his example as recorded in Scripture dedicate yourself daily to go about your life doing good. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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