To Be Thankful

(1Ch 16:34)O give thanks to Jehovah, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever.

Once again we are in the midst of a season of Thanks in actuality everyday that we are alive and have breath we should be Thankful. For some each year the Holidays can be depressing, stressful, lonely, and painful. So for some the question rings out how can I be thankful when this is going on or that is going on? Life can be very challenging however no matter how difficult things are our focus should always be on the promises of God’s Word. When we focus on the promises instead of the situations that we find ourselves in it’s so easy to Give Thanks!!!

Its not so much about the now as it is what’s ahead. God has so much better for us not only in the life to come but in this life as well.

The Lord is Good and his mercy endures forever it is because of his Grace and Mercy that we have the very lives that we live. When trouble comes our way, when we’re broke, when we’re depressed, disgusted, sick, confused, no matter what situation you find yourself in God wants better for you. It’s hard to be Thankful in the midst of tough times and situations however  (1Th 5:18) In everything give thanks for this is the of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. We must learn to be Thankful in all situations no matter how trying they may be.  It may be dark and the future may not appear to be bright Thank God for today and trust him for a better tomorrow.  Sincere Praise and Thanksgiving opens the door for the many Blessings that God has in store for you Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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