Whatever Happened To Grand Mother & Mother?

(1Ti 5:6) But she who lives in self-pleasure has died while living.

I can remember back in the day there was always a “Big Momma” in the neighborhood. She was usually someone’s Grand Mother and she was known and highly respected throughout the neighborhood. She was someone the young girls and young ladies looked up to and sought for advice. She would hold them in her arms and assure them that everything was going to be alright , she instructed them on remaining chaste and pure and waiting until marriage before having sex. In those days both Grand Mothers and Mothers in most cases were role models for the young girls and ladies in the neighborhood. The youth wanted to emulate and grow up to be like them. They also wanted to be respected and loved by all. Boy how times have changed. Here’s what I came across on Craigslist’s today.

“60 year old cougar – w4m – 60 (NWO)
I would like to thank the 4 men who came over yesterday I had a great time you guys wore me out and then some. I have never had so much cum on and in me in my life. I would like to try it again”.
Now this is startling, appalling, shocking, you name it. But are we really surprised? I think not. While today there is a lot of talk about the Homosexual agenda and Gay marriage. Then there is always talk about abortion. When in reality there is so much more going in our society even in our churches, it would not surprise me the least bit if this cougar was a regular church attendee. (Tit 2:3) Let the aged women likewise be in reverent behavior, not slanderers, not enslaved by much wine, teachers of good; (Tit 2:4) that they may train the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, (Tit 2:5) to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, subject to their own husbands, that the Word of God may not be blasphemed.

It is a shame when you have Grand moms and mothers being sexually permissive and sleeping around. Older adults are less likely to use condoms so these Grandmothers and mothers are most likely helping to spread STD’s. It’s sad when those who should know better fall into a lifestyle that is both unfulfilling as well as unbecoming. Sex is one of the Greatest gifts that God has given us as human beings, however he also gave us the parameters that are acceptable for sexual activity. We all have issues, we all sin, however, our 60 year old cougar has gone way past that. She has totally lost respect for herself which is so sad. I have no idea who she is, but my heart breaks for her that she actually may not realize her plight and that her self-esteem has taken a serious hit. I recently wrote about Miley Cyrus who has sunk even lower appearing nude in her latest video. Both of these sad souls are crying out and longing for the same thing. They need Jesus who can and will speak peace to their troubled souls if they would let him.

Would you join me in Prayer for these two as well as others? Father in Jesus name we come to you on behalf of those not only here in America but around the globe who are hurting. They may be smiling on the outside but inwardly they are crying for help. They are lonely even though they are constantly surrounded by people. They use sex or drugs or violence and other methods and acts to try and fill the void. Father we pray that you send people across their paths that they will listen to. People that through your Holy Spirit will help them find their way back home. Their home is with you and in a proper relationship with you. We pray that you will speak peace to their tortured hearts and lives in Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

To the Pastors out there the Word of God says that the Harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Our society has vastly changed in just the last ten years or so. In order for the church to reach those who need help the most it must adapt. People are crying out for help daily via such sites as Craigslist. Once I came across an ad where a young lady who was pregnant was soliciting a sexual encounter. I responded to the ad in Christian love. I asked her if she didn’t have concerns about passing on some STD or disease to her unborn child because condoms are not 100% safe. She responded to me thanking me for pointing this out, she said mines was the only response that was truly caring. She removed her ad shortly thereafter. Craigslist amongst other sites out there are fertile ground for ministry not for trying to get people to come to your church. It is a fertile ground to provide help to those who are hurting and crying out via the ads that they post. (1Co 3:6) I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. (1Co 3:7) So then neither is he who plants anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase. I hope that as the Body of Christ who are mandated to be a light to a dark and dying world are up to the challenge. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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