A Day of Rest


(Lev 23:3) Work is to be done six days, and in the seventh day shall be a Sabbath of rest, a holy gathering; you shall do no work; it is a Sabbath to Jehovah in all your dwellings.

In the fast paced and stressful society that we live in it is all so easy to neglect ourselves physically. There is always something that needs to be done whether at home or on the job. One thing that many of us neglect to do myself included is take a weekly day of rest. I won’t go into all of the biblical history about the Sabbath and its importance or whether it should be observed on Saturday according to Old Testament tradition or Sunday as many do now. What I will deal with is the practical and physical need for rest.

If you notice in our scripture it says that work is to be done six days and in the seventh day shall be a Sabbath of rest. One definition of the word Sabbath is to rest from labor, now in today’s society there are times where it may seem impossible to rest from labor or responsibility. Yet I believe it is so important that for our own spiritual, mental, and physical health that we take time to make time to rest. Now for some because of your job or occupation you may work on weekends my advice to you is that whenever you have an off day rest. Take the time to rest unwind for you ladies get a massage, a manicure or a pedicure treat yourself to a day of relaxation. Stress is a killer it causes health problems and can easily lead to death.

If you were to leave this earth ahead of time due to illness brought on by stress your family and friends will mourn you for a while and eventually move on with their lives. Your job or business even if you own it someone else will take your place in all likelihood. Men there is nothing wrong with you getting a good massage and taking it easy relaxing and unwinding. God wants us to be in good health and one way to maintain our health is to make sure that we rest not only daily but we should weekly observe some form of Sabbath a day of rest. If your day of rest is during the week because you work weekends don’t forget to spend some time studying God’s word and in prayer. Finally and I’m going to get in trouble for this but spending all day Sunday in church does not constitute a day of rest. Our worship and praise along with prayer and studying God’s word should be daily not just Sunday’s only Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.


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