Daddy’s Little Girls

daddy's little
(Psalms 103:13) Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.
(Psalms 103:13) Just as parents are kind to their children, the LORD is kind to all who worship him,

One great privilege and honor that I have in life is that of being Dad to three wonderful children. I have two daughters and one son. I learned early on that there is a different relationship between a dad and his son compared to that of a Dad and his daughter or in my case daughters. I’ll never forget one day when my daughters were young I came home and my oldest wanted to sit on my lap. Within in seconds my youngest daughter wanted to also, so I sat one on one knee and the other on the other knee. It was then and there that I realized that they both always wanted equal billing when it came to dad’s time and attention. I will be honest and admit that I definitely could have been a better Dad to all three of my children. I want to encourage all the dads out there to make the sacrifices needed in order to spend quality time with your children and that is a lifelong commitment. One day I had to pick up my oldest daughter from work at the mall so when I picked her up I asked her if she’d mind if I went shopping for a few things. I was amazed when she told me how she enjoyed shopping with me and helping me pick out clothes who figured?

Dads are not only providers for their daughters but they are protectors and confidants as well. You are hopefully a daily example of what a man should be. Biblically a daughter could not marry without her Dad’s approval and in some cases that approval also came from all of the male members of her family also. Even now I know that I need to do better when it comes to my adult daughters they should hear from Dad at least once a week. We live in a society where all too often our young ladies are left unprotected and are open prey for vultures in the form of ungodly and unscrupulous men. Men who are looking to take advantage of them and not marry, provide, and protect them. I’ve come to the conclusion that dating is unhealthy and unsafe for our daughters. Biblically a man did not spend any time alone with a young lady except that she was his wife. An example at how things should be done is my mom and dad. They had cousins one was related to my mom the other my dad they in turn introduced the two of them and were their chaperones when they went out until they were married. For you Dads who have been out of your daughter’s lives it is time that you man up and assume your proper role as provider and protector of your daughter(s). Just as in the Tyler Perry movie “Daddy’s Little Girls” all men aren’t Deadbeat Dads to those of you who are doing it as a Dad keep it up your children will bless you and honor you as they mature and grow Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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