“You Didn’t Build That”

(2Kings 19:25)  Have you not heard it from afar, I made it? From days of old I fashioned it! Now I have caused it to come; that you should make fortified cities desolate heaps of ruins.

In this story we have the Mighty King of Assyria boasting he has carried away Israel to Assyria and came up against all the fortified cities of Judah and took them. In chapter 19 the King of Assyria sends a messenger to King Hezekiah he has intentions of capturing the city of Jerusalem.  King Hezekiah has paid a seriously high price for peace and the King of Assyria makes threats and boast about what he had done and what he was going to do. In the process he dishonor’s Jehovah the true and living God of Israel and Judah. It is God’s response to the King of Assyria through his prophet Isaiah that we find our key text. In so many words God lets the king of Assyria know that it was he who had built the nations of Israel and Judah. Who was he the King of Assyria to think that he could make them desolate heaps of ruins. He then goes on to say the following.

(2Kings 19:27)  But I know your sitting down, and your going out, and your coming in, and your rage against Me.(2Kings 19:28)  Because of your rage against Me, and because your arrogance has come up into My ears, even I will put My hook in your nose, and My bridle in your lips. And I will turn you back by the way in which you came. Here’s what happened to the King of Assyria. (2Kings 19:35)  And it happened that night, the Angel of Jehovah went out and struck a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the camp of the Assyrians. And they arose early in the morning, and behold, they were all dead bodies. (2Kings 19:36)  And Sennacherib king of Assyria departed. And he went and returned and lived at Nineveh. (2Ki 19:37)  And it happened as he was worshiping in the house of Nisroch his god, Adrammelech and Sharezer, his sons, struck him with the sword. And they escaped into the land of Ararat. And Esarhaddon his son reigned in his place.    

As I look at America especially during this awful and ugly election year I see a lot of arrogance. President Obama’s statement in a speech where he says “You didn’t build that” brought him a lot of grief. However I believe God is looking down on this country and saying those same words to many of us. He’s saying “You didn’t build that” I gave you the mind to build that company, I blessed you with that good job, I gave you the strength to defeat the odds and succeed. You didn’t build that I did because without me you can’t walk, you can’t talk, and you can’t breathe.

So often in times of trouble this verse is quoted (2Chronicles 7:14)  if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. When I turn on the TV or stroll through the internet I don’t see humility, I see a prideful, boastful, disrespecting, and arrogant people. Even in some of our pulpits people who should know better I see these same traits. However I’m not worried or distressed because I’m not trusting in any political party or person. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Blood and righteousness and no matter what comes my way his eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches over me. Look to heaven for the answers to the situations and problems of this life not any political party or man. If God’s truly anointed believers would humble themselves and bow before him and seek his face than we’d see and experience healing in this land be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.


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