(Genesis 49:1)  And Jacob called to his sons and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you what shall happen to you in the days to come. (Genesis 49:2)  Gather yourselves together, and hear, sons of Jacob, and listen to Israel your father.

It is so amazing how The Holy Spirit works this morning I woke up (Thank You Lord) and my thoughts ran towards my children. As I was thinking I realized how much that I truly Love Them and one of the sweetest words to my ears is the word “DAD”.  All three of them are grown and remarkable adult children yet it is still just as warm and special when I hear that word “DAD”. There is no change now, it is the same maybe warmer than it was when they were little children calling out “DAD” for one reason or another. As I was thinking I decided to do my morning daily devotional reading so I opened esword (which in my opinion is probably the best free Bible software online) and the chapter above was the random verses for today and I thought to myself how awesome “God Is” here I’m thinking about my children and I open up “The Word” to the story of Jacob as he is about to die and before he does he Blesses his sons. Now one of the most noteworthy things in this story is that Jacob according to some accounts is about 147 years old. Another thing worth noting that Joseph one of Jacob’s youngest sons was either in his late forties or fifties (there are debates as to his age according to Bible Scholars) when this event takes place now consider that his older siblings are in some cases quite older than him. Yet all of Jacob’s sons respectfully gather to hear the last words of their dying father.

Now what is really interesting is verse 2 where Jacob says “Gather yourselves together, and hear, sons of Jacob, and listen to Israel your father” Now Jacob is calling them but it is Israel through the Holy Spirit who is going to do the speaking. As we read on in the chapter he goes down the line son after son foretelling what their lives are going to be like not only theirs but their children, grandchildren and beyond to the birth of the nation Israel even to the birth of Christ. What really got my attention was the blessing bestowed upon his son Joseph. (Genesis 49:22)  Joseph is a fruitful son, a fruitful son by a well, whose branches run over the wall. (Genesis 49:25) by the God of your father, who shall help you. And may the Almighty bless you with blessings of Heaven above, blessings of the deep that lies beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the womb. (Genesis 49:26)  The blessings of your father are above the blessings of my ancestors, to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills. They shall be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of the head of him, the ruler, the leader of his brothers.

Now this is powerful what parent would not want this for their children. As parents we can invoke the blessing of the Lord on our children daily. No matter what state or condition they are in today we can invoke God’s Blessings on their lives because we have the promises and assurances of “The Word” to back us up (Rom 4:17) (as it has been written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) –before God, whom he believed, who makes the dead live, and calls the things which do not exist as though they do exist. So I encourage you parents don’t give up on your children don’t accept what you see in the natural but believe what is revealed to you in the spirit. Today in the natural your child or children maybe in jail, they may be sick, broke, busted, disgusted, used, and abused, They may not be making the right decisions, trouble in their homes, on their jobs, in school, in the neighborhood, in the streets. No matter what the case or situation look to “Jesus” God is able to deliver and set free.

My Late Aunt Mother Lucy Lowe Brown’s favorite verse was (Proverbs 10:22) The blessing of Jehovah itself makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it. God wants you and your children to have rich, productive, and a joyous life. He does not want you all to suffer and to struggle look to him and hold on to his promises. Let us pray Father in Heaven we come to you on behalf and in agreement with parents everywhere we come praying for our children may they be blessed as you Blessed Joseph may they find and receive favor in their lives daily. Father we pray that they come to know you in a better way and grow closer to you. If they are unsaved please send someone this day across their path who will share salvation’s story with them in a way that they will understand and accept. Father please help and guide them whether they are 8 or 88 because we all need you and we are helpless and hopeless without you. Father we Thank You and We Praise you, we place you above all else in our lives we Thank You for Grace and for Mercy and we Bless your Name. Keep Us in Your Precious care In Jesus name we pray Amen and Amen.  To be continued Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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