My Dream

(Isa 52:13) Behold, My Servant shall rule well; He shall be exalted and extolled, and be very high.

About January 20th I had a dream about our President it was a very unusual dream because I usually don’t have dreams of this nature. In my dream the president really went through some extremely trying times much as have played out this year. In all my years I’ve never seen a president so disrespected as President Obama has and still is. I find it troubling that many people who consider themselves Christians mock him just as much as those who are not even pastors. Personally I feel pastors should always be neutral when it comes to politics. If I were a pastor the only thing any politician or political candidate could share with any congregation that God assigned me to would be his testimony of Faith (hmm). I also find it amazing that the same pastors who said you should not vote for a Mormon last election cycle now say it’s okay even Mike Huckabee says he now has no problem with it. Check out this link from the last election cycle before someone takes it down

As I stated in my dream the president really went through some very tough and ugly times however God assured him that he would lift him up and exalt him. Now the scripture above refers to Christ however as I believe with many scriptures we can apply certain principles of scripture to our lives. Notice the scripture says my servant will rule well, as long as our current President remains humble and seeks God’s guidance, direction, and submits himself to God he will rule well. Even in the midst of such an ugly election if he humbly submits himself to God, God will raise him up above all the negativity and the naysayers and his second term will be very rewarding and successful. Lets us pray for President Obama and hold him up in prayer because God’s word requires us to do so by the way the number 312 appeared in my dream and was linked to the president I have no idea what it symbolized however I am certain of one thing God will guide him to a successful re-election if that is his divine will for this country Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike

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