Angels Watching Over Me (Updated)

(Psalms 91:10) no evil shall befall You, nor shall any plague come near Your dwelling.
(Psalms 91:11) For He shall give His angels charge over You, to keep You in all Your ways.
(Psalms 91:12) They shall bear You up in their hands, lest You dash your foot against a stone.

We often take things for granted in life as we go about our tasks of the day we may be seconds or minutes away from disaster or doom. However The Lord is always looking out for us and his angels are there to protect us. Today in the midst of 94 degree heat and humidity I was using the leaf blower to blow leaves off the roof. We had a pretty good storm a couple of days ago and it left a lot of leaves on the roof. While I was blowing the leaves off the roof this dog over in the house in back of us the next street over is just a barking at me and I’m wondering just what is it’s problem.

I finish blowing the leaves off the roof come in the house wash man hands and get on the computer. I’m not inside 10 minutes if that much and I here this major boom right above me. It is so loud that it startled my wife she’s begins to panic and instructs me to go and see what happened. I go outside look up at the same roof I had just finished working on and there are two nice size tree limbs on the roof. They were large enough that I had to go back to the garage get the ladder and go back on top of the roof. Upon inspection I notice that one had actually hit the roof in spear like fashion leaving a dent. I’m there thinking that could have been my neck my head any part of me enough to knock me off that roof. It reminded me of the Bible story where the donkey spoke because it could see the angel and the rider couldn’t. I’m wondering did that dog see an angel holding back those tree limbs.

For those of you anywhere who read this I just don’t understand how you can deny the existence of a loving and caring God.  A God who will dispatch his angels at anytime and anywhere to protect his children. I know who protected me who kept those tree limbs from hitting me while I worked on that roof. No telling what could have happened to me had one of them struck me but the angel of the Lord the true and living God was there keeping me from all hurt, harm, and danger. Some of you all wonder why folks dance and run around in church y’all just don’t know all I can say is “GLORY” bout to get myself worked up Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

UPDATED !!! The picture says it all I am almost lost for words. Last Thursday I decided as I often do to walk to work. Walking provides a form of exercise, meditation, as well as a chance to communicate with The Lord.  As I was walking I notice the clouds in the sky and it was beginning to look like rain I need to stop by the store to pick up something to drink. All along I’m wondering if I stop will I eventually be caught in the rain. You guessed it yes I stop and yes I got caught in the rain. I was however able to reach a building that had an awning that I could stand under and for the most part stay dry. However once the wind picked up the notion of staying dry quickly faded.  Once the rain stopped I went to the office only to find that the power was out. A friend of mine (Thanks Tim) attempted to give me a ride back home however the traffic was tied up trees were down and one of the major streets had a tree blocking two of its four lanes. So he took as close as he could to my house and I walked the rest of the way. As I’m walking I’m wondering if the dying tree that I mentioned earlier in this writing had withstood such a powerful storm?  To my amazement and surprise the tree that you see was blocking the middle of our street making it impossible for cars to get through. Trees were everywhere and the one in this picture actually caused damage to a house as well as a car. With all the damage in our area there was no injuries or loss of life. With the number of trees, limbs, and branches down it was also amazing that there was not a lot of property. Even the neighbors knew that the old tree next to our house should have come down they said we were lucky. I said no we were Blessed and God had looked out for all of us. I am reminded and I’m reminding you don’t take life for granted even the simplest things God is watching over you and I let us never forget to say THANK YOU !!! Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike


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