Glad To Be A DAD !!!

(Pro 4:1)Sons, hear the instruction of a father, and listen in order to know understanding.

One of the Greatest Honors and privileges that I have been afforded in life is that of being a Dad. I married fairly young and my wife was even younger so our children in many ways grew up as we grew up. By no means was it easy trying to raise children and being a responsible husband there were many times that I fell short as I navigated through life personally trying to figure things out and at the same time raising children. However as I look back I have no regrets yes there were many things that I wish that I had done differently I’ve even sent my grown chidren an apology for not doing a better job at being Dad. It was not easy living with my Dad and they will tell you that it was not easy living with me. I did my best in trying not to repeat some of the mistakes that I felt my Dad made at the same time I remembered certain things that he did that I knew were right. As Pastor John D. Walthall said in his Father’s day message as well as during our When Father’s Pray series on Chain Breakers.  Father’s have a reponsibility to be Protector, Provider, and Priest. Today those Fathers who try to be Fathers as best they can may never become the Priest of their homes, one of the best and really the most important things a Dad can do is introduce their children to Christ. This is not possible if the Dad himself does not know him which is why it is crucial for us as men to share Jesus with other men especially unsaved Dads. Scripture tells us (Psa 14:1) The fool has said in his heart, There is no God! They acted corruptly; they have done abominable works, there is none who does good. It is foolishness for a Dad to say they love their children and don’t recognize the existence of the True and Living God !!!

If there was one word that I could use to highlight this past Father’s Day weekend it would be SHARING. On yesterday Pastor John D. Walthall III of Mount Ararat MBC the church my son belongs to.  Pastor Walthall shared with us as I stated the importance of Dad’s being Protector, Provider, and Priest of their Families. He also stressed the importance of sharing their history with their children keeping things real and being open and honest as far as their personal short comings. Also just as in the Old Testament stones were used as a symbolic memorial of what God had brought the chidren of Israel through. As Dads we need to do the same, we need to tell our children what the Lord has done for us. When dinner time came around my youngest daughter decided to share her family with a single mom who attends the same church she does who just happens to have the same last name as ours. However this young lady never knew her biological dad or anything about his family even how she got her last name so for at least the day our family became her family and we were Glad to do so. My oldest who now lives clear across the country she called not once but twice to share her love for her Dad. Finally I closed out the evening SHARING the movie CORAGEOUS with my one and only son every time I watch this movie it reminds me of my own personal short comings as a Dad. My Hope and Prayer is that he will grow into a better man than I, I pray that he grasp the truth of God’s word even more than he does now so that should the time come that he is a better Dad then I was. I am so Glad to be a Dad to be allowed by the creator of the universe such an awesome and so rewarding an experience in this life. To every Dad that reads this don’t give up no matter what you are facing in life as long as you have life and breath your children need you. There is no one else on the face of this earth that can compare to you when it comes to your children every child wants, desires, and needs the Love of their Dad. You may not have money, or status, or fame, but you have Unconditional Love that your children need no matter what age or stage that they are in they still need you. Take the time and put forth the effort to be the Dad God created you to be. Be encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike. To my children all three of you I’m so Blessed and so Glad to be Your Dad I Love you so much but God Loves You Even More !!!

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