Is It Me or Is It You? (The Jonah Syndrome)


Reading the entire story of Jonah found in the Book of Jonah in the Old

In the story of Jonah we see where God instructs his prophet Jonah to go to the
great city of Nineveh and to preach against the evil that was going on in the
city.  Well Jonah has other ideas and decides to run away from God by
going to Tarshish.  As a result of his disobedience those around him are
trust into a very dangerous and terrible storm.  As we continue on in the
story Jonah is cast off the ship in the midst of the storm and suddenly the sea
becomes calm.

Well the obvious moral to this story is to follow the commands of God or else
we may wind up just as Jonah did in the midst of a terrible storm or face the
storms of life as a result of our disobedience.  However another point for
us to notice is the affects of our disobedience on others. We find those
traveling with Jonah are put in harms way because of Jonah’s
disobedience.  One might ask why would God allow such a thing to happen to
innocent people. 

First of all when we neglect to do what God tells us to that act in itself
causes problems because we are not reaching those that need our help that’s why
God is sending us in the first place.  Secondly we should always be aware
of who we associate with because disobedience just like sin spreads.  Just
as Adams original sin literally put creation into chaos.  Jonah’s
disobedience caused a similar chain reaction to those around him.  People
suffer because of our sin as well as our disobedience because just like a virus
we spread our sin and disobedience to others.

It is so important that we stay in touch with God through prayer and reading
his Holy word our Manual for this life.  We are a hindrance and a serious
liability to ourselves as well as those around us when we refuse to follow
God’s purpose and plan for our lives. Be encouraged and Obedient Minister Mike.


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