Medicare & Medicaid

With the need to cut government spending it seems that a lot of attention is being given to cutting Medicare and Medicaid. Personally I believe in one of the suggestions the billionare Mr. Forbes made years ago. I believe in the flat tax a certain percentage taken out of both individuals income as well as corporate profits. Somewhere between 3% and up to 7% seems fare. Seven cents on the dollar does not seem too much and far to all. Then it is up to government to spend within the means of what is taken in. The only other taxes I would see would be the so called sin taxes and taxes on luxury items. These would seem to generate enough for  the government to run on. The other thing I believe is that from the office of the President down government work should be looked upon as serving the people and should not be work that one can become wealthy or rich from doing. Therfore people in government work should be paid a fare wage but not one that is above a median national salary for average everyday citizens.

All this being said as Congress looks at cutting back on government spending which is definitely needed. I believe that we should look to God’s word because it does provide guidance as to how those less fortunate are to be not only treated but cared for. The following are just a few scriptures that deal with care and treatment of the poor. They can easily be applied in this day and age if we look closely at them.

(Exo 23:10)Plant and harvest your crops for six years,( Exo 23:11)  but let the land rest during the seventh year. The poor are to eat what they want from your fields, vineyards, and olive trees during that year, and when they have all they want from your fields, leave the rest for wild animals.

(Lev 19:10) Don’t strip your grapevines clean or gather the grapes that fall off the vines. Leave them for the poor and for those foreigners who live among you. I am the LORD your God.(Lev 19:13)Do not steal anything or cheat anyone, and don’t fail to pay your workers at the end of each day.(Lev 23:22) When you harvest your grain, always leave some of it standing around the edges of your fields and don’t pick up what falls on the ground. Leave it for the poor and for those foreigners who live among you. I am the LORD your God! (Lev 25:43) So obey me, and don’t be cruel to the poor.

(Deu 15:4) No one in Israel should ever be poor. The LORD your God is giving you this land, and he has promised to make you very successful, if you obey his laws and teachings that I’m giving you today. You will lend money to many nations, but you won’t have to borrow. You will rule many nations, but they won’t rule you.

I’m going to stop here there are numerous other scriptures that deal with how the poor should be treated. However I believe the above scripture touches on the core problem that faces America. There really should not be any poor in this country nor should America be borrowing money from other nations. We should be the world’s leading lender but we borrow because this country has lost its way. We have forgotten core values of doing right treating each other right. We as a nation have forgotten the core Biblical Teachings that this country is rooted in.  We do not obey the laws and teachings of the word of God so just as the children of Israel in the Old Testament we are receiving the curses of diobedience.

(2Ch 7:14)  If my own people will humbly pray and turn back to me and stop sinning, then I will answer them from heaven. I will forgive them and make their land fertile once again (CEV). We often here this scripture quoted but we never as a nation live it out. There is a lack of humility even in some of our churches and nothing is going to change until we humble ourselves and return to obeying the laws and teachings of God’s word from The White House to the Congress, to the State Houses, To the Municipalities, to the Court Houses, to the Corporate Board Rooms and to Our Own Houses. Be Encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.



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