I Have Issues !!!

It is often said that we are our own worst enemy, but how often do we actually do a real self examination. For me it is an on going process seeking the truth about me and my short comings. I don’t know about you but there are times when people gang up on me and have a field day pointing out my short comings. However most of the times these same people really don’t take a real look at themselves because if they did they wouldn’t be troubling me about me. For me real self examination comes through prayer, studying God’s word and candid discussions with those who really love me. Finding out who really loves you can be a task unto itself just because someone says they love you does not actually mean that they do. A person that truly loves you will have compassion towards you they will point out your flaws in a kind and compassionate manner. They won’t badger you with constant reminders of what you’ve done wrong and how you don’t measure up.

In those times in my life when it’s all about me it really is all about me. It is about how do I measure up in the eyesight of an all seeing all knowing God? Is God satisfied and pleased with me? Am I a true friend? Can I be counted on when times are tough? Do I show the Father’s Love in all that I say and do? Yes I have issues because in God’s eyesight I can always do better. If I truly stop being me so that I can be who God created me to be, I’ll make it. Then I’ll be the one who can be counted on. When times get tough then you can call on me because greater is he who would be in me then who is in the world outside of me. I have issues and I want to get rid of them. How about you? Be encouraged and Blessed Minister Mike.

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