It’s Broke but who’s Gonna Fix It !!!

Our Political system is definitely broke, anytime we see hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on political advertisement while people lose their homes and others their jobs.  Both McCain and Obama promote themselves as agents of reform and change yet the sheer magnitude of the money being spent by both parties on advertising is shameful on both their parts. Think of what could be done with all of the money being spent just on advertising alone. Would it not be better spent helping those struggling or rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, even using it to help fund alternative sources of fuel. What if both paries actually put country first and instead of raise funds for campaign advertising etc.  Instead a national relief fund was established to help America and Americans restore this country.

In my opinion campaign advertising could be easily decreased by 90% people get tired of political commercials. There should be a very strict limit on the number of them. For each one purchased all media would have to match it with a free one. Also each candidate would be allowed the same number of commercials no more no less.

Another novel idea, in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation instead of each party choosing their candidate for Vice President how about the winner of the General election becomes President and the loser Vice President.  Also the Vice President’s role and responsibility’s would be enhanced beyond public appearances they would have a tangible role in governing written into law and not according to the whims of any given President. Finally my most radical of ideas how about a residential complex being constructed in Washington D.C. and if you serve in Congress you have to live there simliar to like if you are in the service. I believe more would be accomplished if those in Congress had to actually live together. Also their salaries would be whatever the national median wage was. So if the average wage in America was $50,000 annually that’s what they earn annually in Congress.  No perks they would have the same universal health care as every American citizen. This maybe dreaming but I never thought I would see an African American candidate with a real chance of becoming President either in my life time.  Maybe we in America really can change our political system it’s broke let’s fix it.

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