The State of The Church

Okay Let’s get this blogging started. For those of you in the Southeastern MI Northwest OH area. This Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM on Buckeye Cable Channel 69.  Our first installment of our latest series on Chain Breakers entitled the State of The Church is scheduled to air. For everyone else we will be streaming it live soon as well as uploading the series. For those of you surfing the Bloggosphere in your opinion.  What is the State of The Church today in America and around the world.  According to a 2005 study by George Barna there is a group more then 20 million and growing labeled as revolutionaries “These are people who are less interested in attending church than in being   the church,” according to Barna. Barna also went on to say “A common misconception about revolutionaries,” he continued, “is that they are disengaging from God when they leave a local church. We found that while some people leave the local church and fall away from God altogether, there is a much larger segment of Americans who are currently leaving churches precisely because they want more   of God in their life but cannot get what they need from a local church. In various blogs on the Internet the term fake christian is being used commonly on other blogs Christians in general are looked upon as fakes. All that being said for those of you surfing the bloggosphere What is The State of The Church Nationally and Globally in your opinion?  Where do things stand? Can we lump all of them together? Are most heeding the Master’s call and following his teachings and principles? Are some coming up short or are most?

2 responses to “The State of The Church

  1. It sounds like I have been fortunate. I began realizing I wanted/needed more as a teenager, in the early ’70’s. The Lutheran church that I belonged to was so predictable; no one even so much as prayed a spontaneous prayer during church svcs.; it was all in the hymnal and bulletin. I was invited by friends from school to attend a church svc. where Chuck Smith, Jr. was preaching, he’s the son of the Cavalry Chapel founder. It was my first foray into a church setting that focused on a personal relationship with Jesus.

    At present I am watching Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everday Life” program as many weekdays as I can. I thought I’d found a new local church, but when I attended their membership class I learned that even if you left the church, they still felt they had the right to dictate to you what was right and wrong in your life. I didn’t agree with that, I believe that is between me and God, especially as a mature Christian. I have since stopped going to their svcs. I also have a transportation problem, there is one car for three adults.

    I live with non-Christians and it is at times a struggle to continue in my faith from day to day, but my heart is always striving for the longed for goal of a face-to-face relationship with God, in Heaven.

  2. More than our church attendance God is concerned with our day to day lives. Who we really are as people daily do we represent Christ on a daily basis not just on Sundays. He is also concerned with our relationship with him and with others. We often forget that the early church met daily in homes, public squares, and various other meeting places. For the early church Christianity was a way of life not something they did on Sundays.

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